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Youth Empowerment and Skill Development Division,.
Unemployment, lack of proper counseling, absence of opportunities to grow and other pressures make the youth in the state easy prey to forces working to divert them to harmful and potentially destructive ways of life. The decades-old conflict in the state has also drastically brought the level of education to its lowest ever, leading to their inability to qualify for jobs, thus swelling the number of jobless. There is thus an urgent need to assess the various dimensions of problems of the youth in the state and take immediate steps to harness their energy and zeal in the right manner so as to bring them into the National mainstream. NDF is working for creating a safe and positive environment for the youth in the state by organising various activities to channelize their limitless and boundless energies for constructive means and also to inculcate among them a sense of belongingness, tolerance and co-existence.
We are committed to:
Some of our work in youth empowerment includes:
Organize National integration camps, youth exchange programmes activities on communal harmony and peace to inculcate among the youth a sense of belongingness fraternity, co-existence and benefits of living in peace.
Organize youth leadership training programmes for personality development and leadership inculcation of the youth.
Work for development and empowerment of adolescent and youth by engaging them in various activities
Educate youth and communities to avail the benefit of self employment schemes of the government and link them to social protection and wage schemes
Arrange platforms for youth to share their view points and organise stake holders in the shape of workshops & conference to strengthen the youth policies and practices
Promote shramdan to develop dignity of labour and self help concept among the youth.
Promote adventure activities among youth by organising adventure camps, trekking workshop, seminars etc.