Yasir’s Mine Blast Story

Yasar Arafat, a young boy in his teens, lost his left eye and left fore-arm in a mine blast at , line of control (LOC) between India and Pakistan in Nowshera area of J&K in India. Yasar was not the first from his family to have borne the gory effect of the mines laid on the line of control (LOC). His mother, Sakiya Begum, had also lost her left arm in early nineties in the same way, bringing a train of mis-fortunes and miseries upon the family snatching away all the possibilities of respectable means of sustenance, making the whole family dependent in parasitical for their existence. Feeling the pinch of the problem being suffered by the family, NDF came forward and provided the treatment/livelihood support and a moral patronage to Yasar and his family bringing positive changes in their lives. After the intervention of NDF Yasar and his family has improved and re-continued their interest in life and progress. The conflict affected areas adjoining the line of control (LOC) between India and Pakistan have an innumerable number of affected families with the similar tales of sufferings, miseries and loss of limbs due to mine blast, shelling and regular conflicts.

Your donations can help such affected families restore their interest and lead a happy respectable life.