Women Empowerment and Skill Development Division
A large number of women in the state still suffer discrimination, neglect, social as well as individual and aggression, exploitation, etc both in and out of their homes. NDF works to empower and improve the lives of the weakest and poorest in the state on issues to do with violence and women’s rights, with a particular aim of improving the overall well being of poor rural women by leveraging existing community and Government resources in the state and a sharpened and special focus on the rights of women from excluded communities. NDF aims to identify practices, methodologies and innovations that help to empower women in the state with the objective to showcase and support women/women’s organisations using unique approaches to tackle challenges women face in their quest to lead a dignified life. We also provide opportunities to women’s progress by upgrading their skills set; gender-sensitive planning and monitoring and IEC/communication techniques that ensure women are able to make informed choices. This could range from promoting women representation and participation in all institutions of society; enabling women to learn about, and access, government services, impart sustainable livelihood support to women, especially in homes where the principal bread earner of the family has either died or is incapacitated due to injury, disease, illness or any other physical/mental disability. NDF employs a variety of tools in its awareness generation and sensitization programmes on women rights at all levels to voice their perspectives on issues that matter like gender prejudice, health, after-effects of counter-insurgency operations etc. Most of our programmes have participants from within the community, including women who present shows keeping in mind the local language and tradition. Issues like breastfeeding, the care of newborns, general health, hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, child marriage, child rights and education are covered. The programme also focuses on imparting vocational training and enhancing the skills of women for their economic well-being and empowerment. Capacity building of women, therefore, became a core of programme intervention of NDF and its partners.
We are committed to:
Some of our works in Women Empowerment includes:
Enhance the capacity of women and the community against discrimination & violence through awareness.
Arrange counseling for affected women on gender based violence, psycho-social stress, family disputes etc. etc.
Impart vocational training and enhance skills of women in all walks of life to lift their economic conditions to make them self
Provide sustainable livelihood support to the women where bread earner of the family dies due to border shelling, mine blasts, firing , IED’s and other forms of conflict etc.