Children become the elders

Aggression, fight, assault and physical attacks are a part of the rural societies. The enmity between two communities in a target village in district Ramban took a fatal shape when two communities of the same village which had been living with estranged relations between them took to physical assault which went on checked for sometime leading to a grievous injury to a girl of one community in the head. The girl had to be immediate rushed to the hospital by the volunteers of child protection committee with the help of the others sensing a danger to her life. This incident took a serious shape and parents from the communities pulled their children out of the school for fear of being attacked and harmed by the other community members. The educational activity of the village came to a sudden halt snatching away their right to education and free and fearless life of the children. The breakthrough came after the members of the child protection committee of the said village facilitated and oriented by National development Foundation and membered by the children from both the communities intervened and arranged a public meeting of the prominent elders of the village and apprised them of the impending loss to the children education in case stalemate continued. The CPC impressed upon the village elders to make peace for allowing free space to the children to work for their better future. Realizing the truth behind the arguments of the children protection committee the elders agreed and now are a peaceful village of the district.

Your donations for such societies and organizations of students can lend help to them to make the society realize the importance of their future.