Research and Evaluation Division
NDF carries out and facilitates project implementation by involving different divisions of NDF as well as other partners. Our Research and Evaluation work can take many different forms: As part of its own project implementation, NDF carries out appraisals, evaluations and social audits of various governmental and non governmental agencies / organizations, leading to valuable outcomes like lessons learnt and impact from on-going or closed projects, as well as analysis and documentation of these projects for future action and reference. The objective of NDF’s research and evaluation effort is: The purpose of the research effort is, thus, to undertake a comprehensive enquiry of the various projects being implemented by NDF and its partners and document good practices and lessons learnt from them. The research and analysis also helps identify key strategies and approaches in project implementation which can be used for scaling-up in other areas. In addition, it helps identify gaps, barriers and bottlenecks in the implementation and suggest ways to address these in future programming. To support various NDF divisions to impart training to different stake holders - including government functionaries, elected representatives, NGOs etc. It also carries out capacity development on various project themes by way of providing training, consultations etc to ensure efficiency and transparency in project implementation at all levels which not only enhances the skills set of local NGOs and other civil society groups but also helps facilitate better NGO networking and gives a strong ‘voice’ to stakeholders and beneficiaries alike on various developmental issues of concern to them.
Some of our work in Research and Evaluation includes: