Any person from India and other parts of the globe get membership of the organization. Members are unremunerated. Only people with zeal to service the society should apply for membership. Membership form (click here) complete in all respects can be mailed on or can be sent to the address

National Development Foundation 6/A, Opp. Parshotam Bhawan, Subash Nagar, Jammu J&K, 180005

Members can support the organization in following ways:
1. Can act as volunteers at the need of hour without any remuneration.
2. All members will pay an annual membership fee and can raise funds and other resources for the organization.
3. Can contribute to organization and society as per their capability and skill.

Privileges to the members

1. Members will be issued a membership card by the organization.
2. Members on request can visit the field of organization and can interact with community and other stake holders.
3. Members can be invited to the nearby events of the organization or other meets.
4. Members can seek permission and can contribute in their areas as per the objectives and policies of NDF.
5. In case of minimum of 30 members in a particular area they can apply for establishing a particular unit in that area.

Membership Application Form

Personal Data
Gender : Male:
Date of Birth:
Present Address
Permanent Address
Educational Details
Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate Year Board/ University Subject Percentage
Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate Year Board/ University Subject Percentage
Why do you want to do your internship with National Development Foundation?
Give Two References
For how much period you propose your internship with NDF? Mention start and end date.
What is your interest? (Tick any 3 in order of preference)
Field Work:
Proposal Writing:
Report Writing:
Networking :
Fund raising :
I hereby declare that the information given by me is correct. If any information given above is not true I shall be rejected.
Date of Birth: