Jammu & Kashmir has seen slow progress in the improvement of health indicators related to mortality, morbidity, and various environmental factors contributing to poor health conditions. Even though the government has implemented a wide array of programs, policies, and various schemes to combat these health challenges, further intensification of efforts and redesigning of outreach strategies is needed to give momentum to the progress made so far, especially since people continue to face many obstacles to access and service delivery, in particular those from rural areas and / or who live below the poverty line. The National Development Foundation is working on issues including primary health care, rights of disabled, improving access of underserved and under-privileged communities in the state to healthcare services, family welfare, nutrition, RCH, HIV / AIDS, drug addiction, anti tobacco, child survival, reducing malnutrition amongst children, reducing anaemia amongst women and girls, sex ratio, adolescent, reproductive and sexual health, etc. It is also geared to improving the health standards of all beneficiaries by improving and strengthening health services and health systems in the state and sensitizing communities about their right to health.
We are committed to:
Some of our work in Health sector includes:
Provide cash assistance to the children injured in border shelling, firing & mine blast for medical treatment and link them to advance care and services.
Work for provision of limbs to the children and adults falling victims to border fury and other ways
Organize health check-up camps for poor & marginalized
Work for improving declining child sex ratio in J&K
Fight against drug addiction, work for smoke and tobacco free J&K
Work on water sanitation and hygiene with children for their behaviour change and adoption of good practices.
Work for prevention of HIV AIDS through various activities.
Work with a special focus on health needs of children and women by way of organising various activities and impart first aid training to children in schools and communities.