In Jammu and Kashmir, the target of achieving universal quality education is oriented towards strengthening the productive potential of the economy and providing more opportunities for involving the poor in the economic process. However, education seems to have drifted due to recurring and prolonged strife, stress in school going children, bandhs / strikes, crumbling infrastructure and intermittent shelling in border areas. Education remains the most affected sector in the state, with school going children the worst sufferers. This is made worse by many children being injured, maimed or even killed due to random shelling, cross –border firing, protests, attack by unidentified persons or fear and stress. Realising this, NDF is working for the last 23 years to restore a child friendly, flexible and fear free educational system which helps the children to regain their loss. We are working to strengthen and improve the quality of education at pre-primary, primary and elementary level by way of involving and empowering the communities especially the most marginalised and conflict affected ones to ensure their active participation in the implementation of the quality education at this level. NDF also works to strengthen the community based monitoring so as to hold education duty bearers accountable for universal access to inclusive quality education. We also work to make education system more relevant and responsive to the needs of vulnerable children especially the girls, orphans and socially/ economically marginalized. We also work for inculcation of human values in the students for their balanced upbringing and personality development.
We are committed to:
Some of our work includes:
Assess and pilot need based localized approaches in the school system and advocate with the Govt. for their take up and utility. Facilitate and engage with the Govt. to empower civil society/ communities for improving education system and practices.
Develop the capacity of Village education committees/other school committees, parents and Panchyats to facilitate, improve and monitor the functioning of schools
Support the Govt. schools and Anganwadi centres by working together on quality and infra structure improvement
Launch drives against corporal punishment and educate various stakeholders to stand for the best interest of the children.
Impart trainings to teachers to improve teaching practices and methodologies
Work with educational stakeholders to ensure 100% enrolment and retention of the dropouts at every level in the schools
Promote child participation by forming children groups, student forums and capacitating them to raise their voices and ensure their stake in all decisions affecting them