Poverty eradication is one of the major objectives of planned development. The Government recognises that high growth of incomes is by itself not enough to improve the quality of life of the poor. Unless all the citizens of the country, and most particularly the poor, have certain basic minimum services, their living conditions cannot improve. Jammu and Kashmir State is also the beneficiary of Central government schemes along with special packages announced by the government from time to time. But despite these, there are many un-served and underserved areas in the state where people do not have access to basic amenities like clean drinking water, electricity and shelter. The continuing conflict has arrested the pace of development in the state. Added to it is the ignorance of the people about the multitude of centrally-sponsored schemes and programmes which are otherwise meant to help them access their entitlements to improve their economic and social well-being. There is a need, therefore, to link these communities with existing schemes of the state and Central government. The Development Division of NDF develops programmes in tandem with the aspirations and needs of communities on a sustainable basis.
NDF thus is committed to:
Some of our work of Development Division includes:
Attachment of IAS officers with NDF on NGO management and functioning