DC reviews Child Protection mechanism in Poonch

Poonch 1 June: A joint meeting of Childline City Advisory Board and District Child Protection Committee was held under the chairmanship of DDC Poonch Mr. Haroon Malik at Conference Hall DC Office Poonch. During the meeting various child protection issues were discussed and roles and responsibilities of various departments were fixed to minimize such issues. Members of Childline City Advisory Board (CAB) and District Child Protection Committee (DCPC) Poonch including ADDC Poonch Mr. Gurdeep Singh, Addl. SP Poonch Mr. Masoor Ahmed Mir, ACR Poonch Mohd Ashraf Chouhdary, DSWO Poonch Mr. Mukhlis Ali, CPO Poonch, Mr. S.R. Bhagat, ACD Poonch Mr. Basharat Hussain, DEPO Poonch Mr. Makhan Lal Sharma, Sr. Consultant NDF Mr. Rajiv Khajuria, CEO Muncipal Committee Mr. Irshad Hussain, Tehsildar Haveli Mr. Mohd Saghir, Mr. Vinay Mohan Misri, Mr. Mohd Zaman Advocate, Mr. Pardeep Khanna Director Childline Mr. Kirpal Singh, Counsellor Childline Mr. Amit Kumar, Programme Manager NDF Mr. Parvinder Singh, PC NDF Mr. Sunny Kumar, Mr. Pranshu Kabra and others attended the meeting. Sr. Consultant NDF Mr. Rajiv Khajuria briefed the house about the functioning of Childline City Advisory board and District Child Protection Committee in district Poonch. He also discussed in brief about various child protection issues in the district and intervention of Childline and DCPC on these issues. DEPO Poonch recommended moral lessons during morning assembly to aware the people of various crimes/ threats including rapes, kidnapping, child marriage and child labour. DDC Poonch after detailed discussion with the members of CAB and DCPC Poonch added that there is need of a survey at district level wherein the severity of the issues including child labour, bonded labour, child marriage, dropout children, orphan children and children affected by various conflict can be assessed and proper intervention can be planned to minimize such issues. He asked CPO Poonch to establish a mechanism in the district wherein the exact number of nomads who migrate in other districts can be traced so that further steps can be taken to make arrangements for education of such children. To come up with the number of children involved in begging DDC recommended a survey by Municipal Committee at Municipal area and through Education Deptt, Rural Dev. Deptt,, Social Welfare Deptt. and Childline team in rural areas. DDC also asked CPO to conduct the survey of children involved in bonded labour either inside or outside the district and make all possible efforts to set them free. He asked the members of City Advisory Board and District Child Protection Committee Poonch to write down to the district officers if they witness any case of child abuse or child protection. For wider publicity of childline and awareness on child protection issues DDC asked DSWO Poonch publicize the same during the awareness campaigns launched in District Poonch from June 1st and involve the civil society members and childline team in these campaigns. He also directed the Labour commissioner Poonch to pay surprise visits in every Dhaba and Hotel in Poonch city and ensure that there is no children involved in child labour.